Air Hose

Car Air Hose

The air hose plays a sensitive role in your vehicle.

Connect air intake hoses to your engine or turbocharger. Depending on whether your engine is naturally aspirated (NA) or turbocharged (forced intake), the air hose usually has two functions:

The first and main function of the air hose is to transport cool ambient air from the external environment, usually through the air box through the vacuum from the front grille into the engine throttle body or the passage of the turbocharger.

With the advancement of modern engine management systems and refueling systems, another purpose of the intake hose is to accommodate critical air flow meters in gasoline and diesel applications.

Although air hoses are simple in nature, they have important functions. If your car has a punctured or leaking air hose, it will result in very poor engine performance and may cause extensive heat generated by engine management system fault codes.

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